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Oct. 8th, 2009

Generally, I'm bad with things. I'm clumsy, I'm not careful, I don't think about them and their limits.
I get very sad when they fall apart. I love things that don't. I love things that are good to me.

My new beads broke after 4 days of not very intensive usage.


Oct. 6th, 2009

It's called global fantasy fail. As usual, when I need to come up with an example of whatever, I can't. =(


Every bit as boring as I anticipated. To make the matters worse, we are reading|translating poetry. Personally, I try to avoid poetry whenever I can, and when I can't I make particular effort not to enjoy a single bit of it.


I'm having a very nasty deadline right now. I'll be having it for a week or so, and then there will be another deadline.
It's like my life is returning back to its normal condition.
The bad thing is I can't figure out how to work quicker (I need to work quicker!) if not to cut off all the social intercourse. Still, I feel quite lonely as it is now. =(


Jan. 13th, 2009

My flatmate arrived, she is Ok, rather friendly and active. People say that finns are always silent and keep to themselves, but I haven't noticed so far. Moreover, my flatmate is checking out in the end of January (2 weeks to go!). I'd love to live alone. I wouldn't be able to use her room, of coarse, but, still, I would have bathroom (to give it justice, it must be called shower-room) and kitchen (it's really small, there's no room for 2 people... well, there is no room for chair, say nothing about table, no room to spend time or eat what you've cooked) all for myself. Still, there is a possibility, that if someone is arriving late, I'll have some new flatmate... And all the cool things, like microwave, are leaving me together with my flatmate. I'm not buying such things myself, of coarse, as I won't take them home.
Studies began... more or less. Intertextuality has some potential to be interesting, if the classes will become more lively, more animated. But! The next time we'll have this class, I'll have to lead the discussion of text by Kristeva. Oh, my good. I don't know how to do such things! And, well, I love intertextuality, and I can read Bakhtin, and I can even read his works in Russian (though some Russian texts are more readable and understandable when translated into English), but it doesn't mean that I can understand enough to lead anything!


Selecting things to study

I have never thought it is so difficult to pick up the courses you want and create yourself a decent schedule. Everything seems to be overlapping, interesting thing are unavailable, I can't pick languages I want, as instructions are in Finnish... I can pick Finnish, maybe Chinese, Russian (don't need to, though) and maybe Swedish. I feel rather strange about Swedish lately. I never even considered looking into it before, but now, when I see some instructions in Swedish... Oh, my God! I can understand some words! It's a lot better than Finnish, really. Do I want to study Swedish or not? Do I have time for it?
And English! I shall remember to take something in it as well.



I'm in Finland now. It's more or less ok, not too cold (though fins are making the great fuss about it during introductory lectures), things are more expensive that I'd like them to be, people are friendly. And SNOW IS WHITE!!! Guess, it's because I live in a small city, some 100 000 people in here (I have no idea if several thousands of students are actually included in the number), but I haven't seen really white snow in like ages!
I have a room for myself, and kitchen and bathroom that I'm sharing with a flatmate who hasn't arrived yet. Hope, she would be nice =) And helpful! Here all instructions on things I buy, like food or cleaning liquids, are in finnish, swedish, norwegian... WRITE IN RUSSIAN ENGLISH, damn you =)


Trying NOT to sleep

I can't understand why I'm all so tired. The day was nothing too difficult, but still the hell of a day it was. I feel really bad when I have no break in the middle of the classes, no time to eat, to think, to be lazy.
Now I am to do my Deutsch homework, and it's really difficult just to keep my eyes open.

I downloaded some programs for recoding video for palm and turning softsub in hardsub. It's not really good, because I love watching video on me palm, and so a lot of time is going to be wasted, especially night-time. But it's not bad either, because I don't feel very much like watching movies on the PC, and not watching a thing makes me bored. That was my left half of the brain speaking. The right one is excited, jubilant, devastated with happy expectations and not being able to speak at all.



My wish is being granted. Oh, I love the world! This means that I'm to drop the photo classes, the cinema classes, the whatever additional classes I have (I'm all so happy to skip a term of my University studies), to leave friends and home and go to some Northern village. Oh, my. It'll be exploring!
I've grown quite used to the bonuses granted by the paid account status, so just now I kept clicking on the avatar picture in the write new post form and was really surprised that it was quite reluctant to change.

So, about life... so maybe I'll remember how to write in English smth other than essays on stupid topics (TOEFL preparations may be useful, but boring as hell).
I've started with German. To tell the truth, I've started having problems with German, as I usually remember about it at the very eve of the class and at the same eve I have to do my 'Tang Chinese' homework. Tang Chinese (The Chinese Language of the Tang Dynasty) is not as bad as it promised to be. We read about the taoists (they usually appear out of nowhere, mock everyone and disappear), and it's not like '3 pages, read in two days', we do only half a page for each class, and that's bearable.
Our Constitution is being altered (or should I say amendments are being made?), and for quite a selfish reason, imo. Wanting to stay in power is understandable, but really, really, really not wanted. It feels like they'll rewrite the constitution time after time, until those in power will stay in power up to their deathbeds. I'm a little hysterical about it and much more nervous that the majority of the population. But then again, I'm not as patriotic as they are and I don't believe that everything is for good if done by us.

I cross my fingers to get one of my wishes granted. In a month or maybe even in some two weeks I'll know for sure.