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Oh, my Odyssey!

6 July 1986
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I live, I breath... Supposedly, I study as well (I'm not really devoted, though).
I am a city person. =) Generally, I would prefer to have a good day in a beautiful city than in the best of forests.
I love reading fanfiction, especially based on animes I like (Code Geass is the best, but there are quite a few I like) and johnies-entertainment (I managed to learn some 40-50% of names =)). I read quite a lot, mostly crappy fiction, but I give time to classics and academic reading too. I like watching anime, and I'm constantly looking for some new titles I may like. I watch movies and tv-series as well. I like to listen European pop-music, world (ethnic) music, alternative, light rock.
At times I almost forget about this journal, and at times I write everyday. The main reason I keep this account is that I read a lot of things (mainly fanfiction, but not only) written in English and I find it unfair when I can read what is written, but the author has no possibility to check on me as my personal journal is in other language. So... couple of things I wanted to say:
- there is no need whatsoever to friend this journal. It's absolutely open, no friends-only posts, no nothing. (But you can add me if you like. =))
- if you happen to read Russian and feel like checking my Russian account, just leave me a comment anywhere you feel like. =)