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I've grown quite used to the bonuses granted by the paid account status, so just now I kept clicking on the avatar picture in the write new post form and was really surprised that it was quite reluctant to change.

So, about life... so maybe I'll remember how to write in English smth other than essays on stupid topics (TOEFL preparations may be useful, but boring as hell).
I've started with German. To tell the truth, I've started having problems with German, as I usually remember about it at the very eve of the class and at the same eve I have to do my 'Tang Chinese' homework. Tang Chinese (The Chinese Language of the Tang Dynasty) is not as bad as it promised to be. We read about the taoists (they usually appear out of nowhere, mock everyone and disappear), and it's not like '3 pages, read in two days', we do only half a page for each class, and that's bearable.
Our Constitution is being altered (or should I say amendments are being made?), and for quite a selfish reason, imo. Wanting to stay in power is understandable, but really, really, really not wanted. It feels like they'll rewrite the constitution time after time, until those in power will stay in power up to their deathbeds. I'm a little hysterical about it and much more nervous that the majority of the population. But then again, I'm not as patriotic as they are and I don't believe that everything is for good if done by us.

I cross my fingers to get one of my wishes granted. In a month or maybe even in some two weeks I'll know for sure.

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